A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Rapid Unplanned Disassembly (RUD) is a small, personal experience a pilot has with their spaceship.

It's also a game about exploration, maintenance, reading emails, fighting, trading, running away, sealing hull breaches, getting sucked into space, running from one end of your on-fire ship to the other, clicking on things, dragging cables around, losing your coffee cup in zero-G, playing basketball and stacking cargo crates.

RUD is a solo project currently under development and not yet available to buy. If you're on this page then you've probably been invited to playtest it. Further details, discussion and discord invites at spacecranegames.com!

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorNiall Slater
Made withUnity
Tags4X, Space, Space Sim, Trading
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksHomepage, Community


RUD-windows-v0.35.zip 94 MB
RUD-mac-v0.35.zip 100 MB
RUD-linux-v0.35.zip 104 MB

Install instructions

Simply unzip the folder and run the game! Readme below:

### R.U.D.

Thanks for downloading the pre-alpha demo of RUD!

This is a very early build of the game not meant for wider distribution - please don't share it around anywhere!

Expect a number of bugs, visual issues (text overspill, strange lighting levels, etc.) and please report any serious bugs you find to me at contact@niallslater.com, or on the RUD Discord server.

DISCORD INVITE: https://discord.com/invite/3V4cPxq


WASD: move around
SPACEBAR: jump (not recommended)
W: kick forward to move in zero-gravity without a suit
V: thrust forward while wearing EVA suit
NUMBERS 1-4: select tool
LEFT CLICK: pick up objects and click on monitor screens, use equipped tool
RIGHT CLICK: throw held objects
IJKL: rotate held objects (this is clunky at the moment, sorry!)
ESCAPE: open menu


The demo galaxy only has a few sectors to explore, a few stations and none of the secret postgame content is in yet. I reckon you can probably see all there is to see in a couple of hours, but I'm aiming for the full game to be significantly larger in scope.

The demo requires keyboard and mouse and does not have gamepad support due to time constraints (though you can probably rig something up with xpadder or similar). However, the full version probably will.

Let me know if you have issues with using a laptop trackpad for looking around - you may need to use a mouse.

On your ship you'll find a small TuneWiz Pro gadget that allows you to play your own MP3s ingame. Place MP3s in the appropriate CustomMusic folder and click on the gadget to start the music.

The CustomMusic folder can be found on...
Windows: [Game Folder]\RUD_Data\CustomMusic
OS X: [Game Folder]\Contents\Resources\Data\CustomMusic
Linux:   [Game Folder]\rud_Data\CustomMusic

The Sandbox and Story modes are essentially identical at the moment, but the story mode starts you off adrift in space with a very short tutorial mission (read the DON'T PANIC email on your comms computer). Sandbox starts you off docked at a station.

The game automatically saves when you dock at a station, and the Continue option in the main menu loads the most recent save, whether in Story or Sandbox mode. There is no functionality for multiple savegames (yet).

In theory the game supports Mac and Linux as well as Windows, but I need your help to make sure it works. If you run into issues, pPlease email me on contact@niallslater.com with your machine specs and details of the problems.

The game *should* be reasonably self-explanatory if you start in story mode, but feel free to ask questions in the Discord server and I will answer as soon as I can.


I was able to prototype this game very quickly because I was on COVID-19 furlough. Now that I'm back at work full-time I'm not able to spend nearly as much time working on RUD, unless I'm somehow able to secure funding to work on it full-time.

Therefore I will loosely be aiming to release 1.0 on itch.io in mid-2021, with a more complete, free demo for wider distribution (like the Shareware floppies of old!) available sooner. Until then, enjoy the pre-alpha demo and let me know what you think!


Development log