R.U.D. Changelog 1 August 2020


Thanks for downloading the pre-alpha demo of RUD!

Below are details of the changes since the last build. If you'd like to submit a bug report or suggest a feature, you can do so on the community Trello board (until I figure out something better). Click here: https://trello.com/b/2Xufxfs9/rud



  • Airlock can now be opened manually from the outside, to prevent players trolling themselves.
  • Clicking on the compass on the map screen will set your ship's target bearing accordingly.
  • You can now take procedurally-generated contracts from the Jobbo computer on selected stations. Currently only Courier, Treasure Hunt and Salvage quests are generated (more to come).
  • You can now zoom out to get a broader view of your local sector.
  • Sectors now have more distinct visual backgrounds.
  • Added two more sectors, Lament and Termina (many more to come).
  • Your ship status is now displayed in a holographic readout near the reactor, giving information on what systems are operational and what state the hull is in.
  • Added a weapons system that tracks your ammunition (restocked at stations) and weapon loading/cooldown status. Also added effects for firing a torpedo.
  • You can now buy a Shields system from the mechanic computer on selected stations. (This is version 1 of the new ship upgrade framework - more to come).
  • The environment outside your ship will now change to reflect where you are in space, and the ship's orientation is now accounted for (please let me know if this causes motion sickness and I will add an option to disable it).
  • You can now engage Autopilot from the map screen. When engaged, click on the local map to add a waypoint and your ship will follow them. Disengaging autopilot clears your waypoints. (This is version 1 of the Autopilot system - more to come).
  • Added background music (with settable volume) and credits screen.
  • Loading bay now has shelves and tries to spawn cargo neatly stacked.
  • Added basketball hoop with persistent score counter.
  • Added pilot's chair you can click to sit in and swivel using A and D. E will leave the chair.
  • Your ship can now be destroyed when your hull integrity reaches zero (whoops).
  • Added controls display to escape menu.
  • Added new sectors featuring a mysterious entity on an abandoned space station.


  • Redesigned the JAVA-IV ship interior and exterior to have a more compact layout.
  • 80% reduction in heat increase from having the drive at full throttle.
  • Various tweaks to the Comms UI.
  • Ship speed reduced for comfier game experience.
  • Pirates are now less agressive when not in pirate-controlled sectors.
  • Increased volume of custom music player.
  • Allowed Sweepo to sweep up garbage props and navigate the ship freely.
  • Temporarily removed Sweepo as he has become too powerful.
  • Cleaned up generic station interior and updated poster designs.
  • Improved grabbing physics to reduce feeling of clumsiness.
  • Reduced force when yeeting props.
  • Plugging a component into something will now automatically release grip on it, so you won't accidentally yank something out immediately after plugging it in.
  • Changed how nebulae look on the map screen.
  • Temporarily removed AI voice lines pending proper re-recording and processing.
  • Added audiovisual feedback for kicking around in zero-G.
  • You can now arrange the priority of different systems at the Reactor screen. The reactor will try to power the highest priority systems first, and if power is lost the lowest priority systems will shut down first.
  • Nebulae and asteroid fields will now reduce your sensor range, visible on the map screen as a blue ring.
  • Improved lighting flicker effect when ship suffers external damage.
  • Nav system now has a fancy boot-up animation and goes into sleep mode when you're not in the room (for performance reasons).


  • Fixed an issue where the cursor would disappear on the main menu.
  • Fixed an issue where asteroid fields and nebulae would disappear when their centre passed out of map screen bounds.
  • Loading screen now runs on a thread and won't lock your machine unnecessarily.
  • Fixed an issue where the player's cash amount would drop to c0 on savegame load.
  • Fixed an issue where the map screen sometimes showed duplicate icons.
  • Fixed an issue where courier quests would fail to complete when docking at the destination station.
  • Fixed z-fighting visual glitch in cargo bay.
  • Fixed an issue where the game saved before quest completion was registered, failing to log that the quest had been completed.
  • Fixed an issue where commodity items would disappear from the cargo bay, because the quest manager thought they were courier quest items.
  • Fixed an issue where station airlocks would rudely block the player from entering.
  • Removed duplicate toilet wizard on Erinyaetus.
  • Fixed various collision bugs.
  • Fixed missing windows in various places.
  • Fixed an issue where components would attach to the fabric of space.
  • Fixed an issue where the line effect indicating the player grabbing something would render hovering in space outside.
  • Fixed an issue where the player would take vacuum exposure damage after re-entering ship.


Many thanks to the Space Games Enthusiasts discord server for your feedback and support. Keep those bug reports coming!

I developed this game over the course of a 14-week furlough from my job as a software engineer, and at time of writing it's approaching its end. Development as a result will slow down a lot since I don't have funding to work on gamedev full-time. Sorry in advance - hopefully enough of the framework is in place that the game can still come together in time for a 2020 release.

Thanks again for your feedback - it's the difference between making a useless vanity project and building a game that's actually fun to play.


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Ok, first of all, amazing game with great potential. Ship maintenance and management are its best gameplay elements. Could definitely play this for a long time even if its repetitive.

Biggest problem is the burning components (burning too fast after being replaced). Idk if its a bug or not but it needs to be solved because it basically deadends your play session.

Minor complaints are:

-burned parts too black to see (couldnt find the burnt fuse in the tutorial).

-navigation confusing as heck(took me a while to figure out how to change bearing and still dont completely understand autopilot).

-Max speed is pretty low and cuts the throttle off only sometimes, which confused me for a while.

-the grabbing/pulling mechanic is very difficult to control. A skyrim type grab might work better since it pulls things in front of you immediately.

Personally, I believe the navigation controls need to be redesigned to be intuitive and easier to handle, perhaps binded to the keyboard instead of the mouse while seated (the throttle lever is still pretty cool though).

Still pretty awesome game, cant wait to see what you turn this into (vr edition would rock). 

kisses, motivation and bug free blessings for you all

Haha, thank you, you're very kind! All good points - I'll add them to my list of issue to address in the next build.

Totally agree about VR, I'd love to implement it but I haven't got the cash for a headset yet 😅