R.U.D. Changelog 17 November 2020

### R.U.D.

Thanks for downloading the pre-alpha demo of RUD!

Below are details of the changes since the last build. If you'd like to submit a bug report or suggest a feature, you can do so on the community Trello board (until I figure out something better). Click here: https://trello.com/b/2Xufxfs9/rud




1) Derelicts will now have procedurally-generated interiors to explore.

2) Added tracker tool to help locate salvage items in derelicts.

3) Derelicts may contain collectible batteries to recharge your EVA suit.

4) Power system overhaul:
a) Reactor can charge batteries
b) Reactor can be shut down to draw on batteries
c) Reactor is dependent on fuel, which can be bought at stations
d) Fuel tank located in engine room
e) Overclock: click the lightning bolts on the reactor readout to push that system into Overclocked state: increased power drain, increased risk of failure, but significantly improved functionality


1) Docking when close to several actors will now prioritise docking with the selected one.

2) Decompressing your ship will cause all props inside to be sucked towards the airlock until the internal air pressure reaches zero.

3) AI ships now come in various classes, affecting their speed and durability.

4) You can now toggle Snap-Grab, which decides whether grabbed props instantly jump to an ideal grip distance or not.

5) Blasting the fire extinguisher in zero-G will now push you backwards

6) Many small tweaks I forgot to write down


1) Fixed several issues to do with contracts monitors at stations.

2) Fixed (some) doorframes flinging fast-moving players into the ceiling.

3) Fixed several bugs to do with whether gravity is enabled or not.

Thanks for playing! Remember to fill out the feedback form to help further development:



RUD-windows-v0.35.zip 94 MB
Nov 17, 2020
RUD-mac-v0.35.zip 100 MB
Nov 17, 2020
RUD-linux-v0.35.zip 104 MB
Nov 17, 2020

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