R.U.D. Changelog 7 August 2020

### R.U.D.

Thanks for downloading the pre-alpha demo of RUD!

Below are details of the changes since the last build. If you'd like to submit a bug report or suggest a feature, you can do so on the community Trello board (until I figure out something better). Click here: https://trello.com/b/2Xufxfs9/rud



  • Added Bounty Hunting system - misdeeds will cause NPCs (and the player) to accrue a bounty and attract bounty hunters. Recovered flight recorders ('black boxes') can be exchanged for bounties at stations with bounty boards (bounties for individuals may vary from station to station).
  • Ships will now hunt down other ships who they perceive to have wronged them.
  • Added extra external visual effects for players who like looking out the window.
  • Added mouse sensitivity slider in escape menu.
  • Added smoke effect to burnt-out fuses.
  • Added icons to trade program commodity buttons.
  • Extended NPC comms responses a bit.


  • Re-added ship's AI voice lines with extra lines for autopilot and navigation alerts.
  • Player now smoothly slides along walls instead of coming to a stop on collision.
  • Improved the sound quality of the custom music player
  • TuneWiz Pro will now display the filename of the MP3 if metadata can't be read.
  • Custom music now abides by music volume setting.
  • Tweaked max speed of ships and torpedoes to promote a comfier atmosphere.
  • Tweaked physics to make basketball a bit easier.
  • Grabbing an object now teleports it to a set distance in front of you, Skyrim-style.
  • Tweaked navigation to be a bit more responsive and clear.
  • You can now zoom in a bit further on the map (needs more work).
  • Pirates may now engage in piracy even in non-pirate-controlled sectors.
  • Reactor now starts at full power - efficiency is reduced alongside hull damage.


  • Fixed an issue where components were breaking far too frequently.
  • Attempted to fix an issue with multiple monitors where the cursor would pass outside the game window while locked.

Thanks for playing!


RUD-windows-v0.31.zip 93 MB
Aug 07, 2020
RUD-mac-v0.31.zip 99 MB
Aug 07, 2020
RUD-linux-v0.31.zip 102 MB
Aug 07, 2020

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