R.U.D. Changelog 3 July 2020


### R.U.D.

Thanks for downloading the pre-alpha demo of RUD!

Here follows details of the changes since the last build:


-) Added some voice lines for the ship's AI
-) Add debug menu (F12)
-) Add graphics settings
-) Add FPS lock option to fix prop movement framerate issues
-) Add invert mouse option, default off
-) Add master volume slider
-) Add loading screen with obnoxi-helpful tips


-) Tools are now equipped by pressing number keys 1-4, and do not need to be held like props
-) Various audio tweaks to make sound effects less harsh


-) Fix mouselook being clamped to center of screen on Mac OS X
-) Fix fires not being extinguishable
-) Fix faults accepting any replacement part for repair
-) Fix throttle lever flopping around uselessly
-) Fix hull breaches getting player stuck in walls
-) Fix ownership errors when moving props around in ship
-) Fix various bugs with gravity
-) Fix buttons on Comms UI not highlighting on mouseover

ATTEMPTED FIXES (please let me know if you are still experiencing these bugs)

-) Attempt to fix mouse cursor always being unlocked on Linux, which makes it difficult to click buttons 

Thanks for all your helpful feedback and bug reports so far! I hope you find this build much more playable than the last one.


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